Born in Germany in 1986 to a Dutch mother and a French-German father, Jeanna enjoyed a childhood enriched by different cultural perspectives, and was tutored by an expressionist painter for seven years from the age of eight, all of which paved the way for her international career today as a creative director, consultant and stylist.

Upon graduating from high school in creation and design, Jeanna pursued her studies in interior design, before cutting her teeth in the fashion world, living between Paris and Germany from 2004 to 2008. This winning combination of her first-hand experience in fashion and her skills as an interior designer equipped Jeanna for successful stage design projects for a range of prominent brands, and landed her first major campaign as a stylist in 2011.

From there, Jeanna’s career took off rapidly as a stylist and creative director for numerous brands and fashion magazines, thanks to her keen understanding of design, creative vision, and uncompromising professionalism, making her highly sought-after in the fashion, luxury, and lifestyle industries, with an illustrious and growing list of clients.

Ambitious, dedicated, and passionate, Jeanna is always ready to embrace new challenges to bring fashion aesthetics to the next level.